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How ‘engaged’ are you in what you do for a living? If you’re engaged with what you do, then you’re in the minority in Australia. According to a recent poll only 24% of Australian workers are ‘engaged’ in their jobs. 16% of employees are actively disengaged and an overwhelming 60% of workers in Australia are somewhere in between (ABR – Gallup Poll).

It is no secret that many people live quiet lives of desperation, few know how to take charge of their life’s journey. Even less know how to take charge of their career journey. Most people are more focused on the ‘momentum’ of their careers than the direction. This is a mistake. It’s like driving a car at high speed wearing a blindfold; it’s reckless and will probably end badly.

The beginning

More than 2 decades ago EPR Careers was established in response to a growing need from Australian executives and professionals wanting to discover or rediscover a career that they were passionate about. Although many of these people were at the top of their game in their chosen professions, they felt lost and unfulfilled. The answer was career counselling by EPR.

Voquest today

If we leap ahead to today, we see a very different organisation to the one that started 20 years ago. Our name has changed and so has our approach. Technology plays an important role with how our clients navigate the recruitment sector, but the fundamentals of face-to-face engagement are still the key to success.

Our personal network has also grown over the past 20 years, which is something that benefits our clients greatly. We use our network, as well as the unrealised networks of our client ,to help them unearth their ideal careers from the 75% of positions that are never advertised.

Voquest tomorrow

The guiding principles of our organisation will never change. Our primary focus will always be on helping our clients achieve their personal career goals. What will change is how our service responds to a changing employment market. Millennials will have upwards of 20 position changes in their life. Those who have entered the workforce later will also experience increased job instability and transition. Our goal is to create more opportunities to allow our clients to incrementally adjust their career strategies to respond to their changing needs and circumstances. This service will continue to be very personalised and focused on empowering our clients to regain and retain control over their career trajectories and directions.

We will be extending our product range from professionals and executives to secondary and tertiary students, graduates, middle managers and seniors who do not want to retire. These products will cater for the specific needs of such demographics in price, duration and outcome and will be preventative and proactive rather than reactionary to ensure that the next generation don’t make the same mistakes the previous generation did.

Voquest will also be embracing the trend away from the corporate world towards entrepreneurial careers and portfolio careers where Australians will own their own small businesses, as well as embracing globalisation and immigration with inbound and outbound international opportunity becoming more common and desirable as part of a career path.

Finally, we will be extending our services to companies to recognise, understand and measure the benefits of aligning company and staff culture, strategy and career plans to create a more engaged and innovative workforce and increasing retention and productivity as a result. This will bring great financial benefit to corporates that may treat their staff as a genuine financial asset to their company rather than a human resource cost.

What you can expect today

You can expect today a highly sophisticated approach to career development and transition. You can also expect a service that is based on a robust and proven methodology, but tailored to your particular needs and circumstances. You can also expect to come away feeling much more passionate, confident and focused on your career journey. We want to be your lifelong career partners helping you to become successful on your quest for the ultimate career.

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