Career Insights

The recruitment, education and training sector is a maze. Trying to navigate it without a guide can be a perilous experience, which is why we have provided you with the following ‘Career Insights.’ These insights are designed to provide you with some understanding of the opportunities that are available to you, as well as the challenges you face on your journey to a career you love.

Why are 48 yr. olds the new ‘endangered species’?

Learn how to bypass age discrimination and keep your career thriving.

Have you considered a new career at 50?

Redefine your current career path at 50 or begin an entirely new one with the help of Voquest.

New career at 50

If you looking for new career at 50 then Voquest’s process is a great starting point.

5 reasons why women change careers

career change for women - As a woman, if your goal is a career you love, your first call should be t

What did Einstein teach us about career development?

Voquest can help you discover your own 'miracle year', starting with a career you love.

What is the value of Senior Career Advisors?

Learn how a Voquest Senior Career Advisor will empower you to take control of your career direction.

What transferable skills do you have for another career?

Let Voquest help you use the skills from your current career to transition into a different career.

Careers for women – Addressing gender inequality

Voquest can help you address the workplace gender inequality that is limiting your career momentum.

Career management is the key to a happier life

Learn why getting your career back on track may improve your overall happiness.

Career change at 50 – Happy birthday

Contemplating a career change at 50 and don't know where to start? Time to speak to Voquest.

Career change – A no-nonsense guide

Not all career change articles online are accurate, read more to learn why.

VoTalk Event – Personal Branding for Ultimate Career Freedom

Personal brand - Learn how to use your personal brand to build a life you love at our latest VoTalk

Are Melbourne recruitment agencies not working for you?

With Voquest, you no longer have to depend on recruiters to drive your career journey.

Australian unemployment – Are you prepared for a rise?

Secure your career in 2016 by speaking to a Voquest senior career advisor today.

Career change – The 12 Ways of Christmas

Take charge and start planning your 2016 career change now.

Are you over 50 and getting happier by the day?

Career coaching can improve the quality of life for anyone over 50

Career Advisor Melbourne

A Voquest career advisor can help you start a new career journey your passionate about.

What does the future of employment in Australia look like?

What does the future of employment in Australia look like & does it impact on you

Melbourne recruitment agencies

Learn why the right Melbourne recruitment agency may not actually be a recruitment agency.

Career Advisor Sydney

A Voquest career advisor can help you start a new career journey your passionate about.

Recruitment agencies Sydney

Should you engage a personal career consultant before a Sydney recruitment agency?

Career Counselling

Be prepared for your entire career journey, from today to retirement.

Career management - Who’s in charge of your career?

Your career is your responsibility. Learn how to take charge

Finding your ideal Management job

75% of the best positions are never advertised. Learn how to find them.

Midlife career change

"I have woken up with the realisation that my current career trajectory is not what I want"

Executive search - Are recruiters unknowingly derailing yours?

Executive search - Are recruiters unknowingly derailing yours? What should you do?