How we help you on your career management quest

As a client of Voquest, there are many facets to your career management quest. Depending on your current circumstances and career quest, we tailor a package to fit your individual needs. At each stage of your journey, you will understand more about what really motivates you and how the recruitment sector really works. You will also build your career skill set, confidence and independence. The goal of your individual Voquest journey is not to find you a job; it is to build your personal career brand, skills and knowledge to a level that you can find the career you’re passionate about today, and never be in a position where others have control over your career direction again.

Funding your career change

Voquest can provide you with a link to funding your career development.

Career change - Building your Personal branding

Learn why building a Personal branding is the key to a successful career change

Career opportunities - networking

Learn how professional networking can help you uncover the 75% of careers that are never advertised

Executive career coaching

Helping executives and professional find their 'career passion' for over 20 years

Career change – “Are my skills and experience transferable?”

Learn how transferable skills and experience can transition you into a career you love

Careers for women - Executive and professional

For over 20 years Voquest has helped women in professional and executive roles find their passion

Changing career - Rebuilding your self esteem

Learn how a simple perception adjustment may be all you need to find your career passion

One-on-one and peer-based feedback sessions

Voquest feedback sessions are pesonalised for you and focus on your life goals

Building a resume for your ideal career

Do you understand the importance of building a resume for your ideal career?

Career test - Can the right one help you find your ideal career?

Learn how Voquest use Psychometric testing to help find your career passion

LinkedIn Careers - How it can be used for career change

Learn the importance of LinkedIn Careers and how the right profile can help expand your network

Career Health Check

Check if your heart is aligned with your current career path