" You are an organization with tremendous insight and incredible vision and I wish you all of the best as I know that you should do very well indeed for your clients. keep up the great work which will also enrich and improve Australian society! "

Matthew Sheeran

"I have landed an exciting new role and other future opportunities through my existing network. I am convinced that I dramatically increased my chances using the tools that Voquest gave me."

Hugh Evans

"I would not be where I am now – confident to describe myself as someone who assists and adds value to businesses with all their writing requirements – if you had not encouraged, prodded and helped me. A big thank you!"

Susan Pierotti

"6 months after joining Voquest, I got a job as a senior consultant with an excellent company. This was not an advertised job but I got it through networking."

Sam Nanick

"...I feel that over 15 months on I am still benefiting from the coaching that I received from him and the rest of the Voquest team."

Angie Retallack

"...I am now working with a team that is supportive and driven to succeed, led by a woman I truly respect. I am excited. I have so many exciting opportunities to make an impact in my new role as Innovation Manager."

Nicole Signal

"Voquest helped me win back my self-respect and with that a new lease on life."

Cliff Rundle

"...I was in the enviable position of being able to choose between two roles. In the end, I chose the role that more closely suited my ideal role, and was in an organisation that had actually been on my wish list of employers."

Angie Retallack