John Lennon is quoted as saying, ‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.’ If anyone was qualified to say that life throws up unexpected events, it was him.

Even when the warnings are clear, we often fail to heed them. You may have discovered today that ‘your services are no longer required.’ You may be aware of something ominous on the horizon that leads you to believe that your current career path is leading you off a cliff. Whatever the reason and the urgency, it’s time to make a change and look for new career opportunities. It may not be the change you wanted, but it can be an opportunity to discover a career path you are equally or more passionate about. As the dark clouds gather around you, understand that there is always a silver lining…if you know where to look.

Decisions made in fear

When change is forced upon us, we often go to the ‘dark place’. We make hasty decisions in an attempt to remedy the current situation. Nelson Mandela once said ‘may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.’ Take the time to breathe and look at what opportunities your current situation can afford you.

Your first thought was to start looking at job ads or talk to a recruiter. Job ads are fine if you’re happy to join the queue and lucky enough to make it to the interview process. Recruiters are fine if you’re happy to be pigeon-holed into a role that’s not really the right fit. In either of these cases, there is a good chance you will end up right where you are today (or worse) in a relatively small amount of time.

What are my other career opportunities?

You need to become proactive, not reactive. And you need a plan!

So what’s the alternative? You could go door to door. You could ask friends and associates. Believe it or not, you’re closer to the mark with this approach than you would be with job ads and recruiters. This approach uses networking to reveal opportunities that may not be advertised. What job sites and recruiters won’t tell you is that 75% of all jobs are never advertised. If you only look at job ads and recruiters, you’re only looking at 25% of the opportunities that are available to you. In your position, can you afford to ignore 75% of jobs?

The question then becomes, ‘how do I access this 75% of jobs?’ Before you start looking for these 75% of positions, you need to think about what you are going to say, how you want to be viewed and represented and ensure that aligns with your future direction. It is very hard to undo a first impression. You need to be considering not just the position you need today, but what your career will look like in 10 years, 20 years, in fact right up to your retirement. Starting a quest for a career that you are passionate about is more than just filling a need for today. It’s about making informed decisions about your future and learning the skills to remain open to adapting to an ever-changing employment market.

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