You are grateful for the success you have achieved professionally. Your career has progressed in the manner you originally would have hoped. You have achieved a level of seniority where peers respect you, and the financial rewards have afforded you with a comfortable lifestyle for you and your loved ones; however something is missing. Is it time for a Career transition?

The wins seem to mean less and as you progress up the ladder you feel further away from what you are truly passionate about. You have probably (or will soon) come to the conclusion that what other people see as a ‘successful career journey’ no longer fits with your vision. You’re concerned if you stay on this path any longer, you will only become unhappier. However, you are not sure what will satisfy you. If you are managing and leading others, ( and by this stage you probably are ) you start to feel like a fraud, someone who is acting the part, rather than being the truly inspirational mentor and leader you know you can be!

Your Career transition quest begins here

The good news is that questioning your current career journey and deciding to take action is all you need to do to begin your quest for a career you’re passionate about. How you are feeling today is consistent with the way a majority of Australian professionals and executives feel about their current career journeys. 65% of all employed Australians say they are unhappy with or feel disengaged from their current positions.

The biggest challenge for you (and the other 65% of Australian workers) is determining what you need to do to make a change. Luckily for you, your success has allowed you to be more financially stable than the majority of Australians, which then affords you the opportunity to invest in a quest to find a career you are passionate about. Also, you don’t need to find a new position in the next couple of weeks. This affords you the time to go through a process that can help you rediscover your passion, gain clarity and direction and identify opportunities to build an entirely new career path. A path where you feel more connected and satisfied. A path that energises you and help’s put a spring back into your step.

Focus on your passions

George Bernard is quoted as saying ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ The lesson to be learned here is that as we get older, we tend to get more serious. It’s natural, we want to be respected, so we start making more conservative decisions and spend more time on other people than ourselves. We stop playing, and we stop following our passions. You are more than the professional suit you wear or the car you drive. You have earned the right to rediscover the ‘real you.’ This is not some new age view; this is a healthy and holistic approach to planning out your life and making sure you are making more informed and conscious decisions about your career journey. It also has the unexpected bonus of making those around you feel happier.

It’s time for you to start on a quest towards a career where you’re more engaged and feel more alive than you have felt in years. It is NOT just a dream, it is actually possible and we can can help you achieve it. To understand more about how this works, click on the “how we help you” link below. Alternatively, you can click on the “arrange discussion” link to set up a free, confidential discussion with a Voquest consultant.

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